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Custom sizes:
From oversized frames for large projects to fitted edge screens to print inside of an object, there are a wide selection of custom frames made to order.
Our fitted edge frames are made from a combination of wood and metal extrusion.  In most cases a sample of the part to be printed is required.

Pre Press Services
We offer a coat and expose service for those looking to have a ready made screen to print without the hassle and equipment investment of having to do it yourself.
Ordering Is Easy... order from us or B Y O S!  Bring Your Own Screen

Simply order a frame from the stock sizes listed above or bring in a new frame and email in your artwork. (see artwork guidelines).   Include any special instructions such as image placement in the email.
A few things to consider before ordering a screen:

  • Mesh Count: If you are unsure of the mesh count you will need, you can refer to the ink mfg. specs on the ink you will be using.  There is usually a range of mesh counts you can use with a specific ink.  The amount of detail in your artwork will also be a factor in determining the mesh count you should use.
  • Artwork Size: As a general rule you should leave a border of 3 to 4'' away from the inside of the frame.  Attempting to print your image too close to the frame may result in excess ink being pushed thru the screen, which will result in fuzzy images.
  • Stencil: All screens are coated with a high solids, dual cure emulsion. Dual cure emulsions will work with solvent based, UV, and most water based inks.  Water base emulsion w/ hardener is available upon request*.
  •  *Note: Once water based emulsion is hardened the screen becomes permanent and cannot be reclaimed. - 714-751-5863
Full Service Graphics-Santa Ana CA

Screens  A variety of options available

We offer screens aluminum frame for screen printing in a variety of stock sizes and meshes ranging from 86 ,110,158, 196 ,230, 255, & 305 to suit your screen printing needs.
Larger sizes are available upon request.

Stock sizes:
20 x 24" od (17 x 21") id
23 x 31" od (18 x 28") id
25 x 36" od (23 x 33") id
30 x 43" od (27 x 40") id